The following links lead to sites that Jeff has found useful in his research. He offers them not as endorsements of any particular projects or institutions, but as leads for people who share his interests and crave more information.

Center for the Study of Global Christianity
This site has loads of demographic information, with an eye toward religious affiliations of people around the world:

Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Quite a bit of sociological data on America religion, and links to more, is available here:

The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University
It’s hard to understand religion in America without an appreciation for the thought of Jonathan Edwards, the colonial-era theologian whose work has framed and inspired revivalism on these shores for nearly three centuries. Here you’ll find a window into primary source material and historical context for a figure who’s often misunderstood through caricature.

Center for the Study of Ethics in Society
This little-known center at Western Michigan University offers some practical insights for cultivating a more ethical society, especially in business and the professions.

Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University School of Medicine
Launched in 2008, this center aims to bring ancient techniques and cutting-edge brain science together in an bid to demystify compassion and learn how to cultivate it systematically.